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  • Ludwig Hohlwein
  • 1934

Sacrifice for the Fight

Against Hunger and Cold

Winter Help Drive of the German Volk, 1933-1934

Another graphically strong poster by the Munich commercial artist Ludwig Hohlwein. We have encountered his treatment of this theme earlier, but here he presents the image of generosity in a new heroic and classical pose.

Standing in front of a Swastika banner, a dark figure, nude to the waist and holding a lighted torch in his left hand, opens his other hand to let a shower of coins fall out. The figure turns his head away, as if modestly refusing to be recognized for his selfless act.

The Winter Help Drive was instituted by the Nazis in late 1933 and remained a feature of the Third Reich until 1945. Its premise was simple: cold and hunger must be fought by all humans, and so the entire community must join in this effort. It is not enough to leave it up to the state or charitable organizations. Every German must become involved.

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