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  • 1936


Olympic Winter Games

6-16 February 1936

In 1932, the International Olympic Committee had voted that in 1936 both the winter and summer games would be held in Germany. Six months later Adolf Hitler became chancellor of Germany and within 18 months had erected the Dictatorship that we generally call the Third Reich.

In 1933, the world reacted very negatively to the boycott of Jewish stores, and the infamous Nürnberg Laws of September 1935 had only escalated this negative attitude. There were a number of attempts to persuade the International Committee to change the venue of the games, but in vain.

Likewise, when a number of politicians and athletic organizations sought to organize a boycott of the games, the overwhelming sentiment of the sports-loving populations was to participate. So all the invited nations attended.

The winter games were held the Garmisch-Partenkirchen where an elaborate series of ski jumps and ice runs were created. This was the official German poster for the winter games, created by the popular Ludwig Hohlwein.

As usual, the Scandinavians dominated these winter sports, but Austrian and German athletes did remarkably well. The popular star was the figure skater Sonja Henni who went on to become a successful Holywood star.

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