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  • 1936


This is the cover of the special Olympic Edition of Berlin's largest Newspaper, the Berlin Illustrated.  

Against a background representing a Greek statute a modern German athlete poses.

In the 1928 and 1932 Olympics, especially the last one in Los Angeles, American athletes had dominated. The 1936 Olympics witnessed a remarkable reversal. Germans won more Gold, Silver and Bronze medals than any other country, dominating especially in the "unusual" personal events.

Only the remarkable accomplishments of Jesse Owens (who won 4 gold medals) prevented these games from being a total German triumph.

Subsequent stories -- frequently heard recently on TV programs -- about Nazi rage over Jesse Owens and how he destroyed the myth of Aryan supremacy is pure invention.

Hitler and his favorite film maker, Leni Riefenstahl, were great fans of Owen. He is really the star of Riefenstahl's stunning4 hour film documentary of thegames, and Hitler personally ordered that a record of his 4 medals should be engraved on the pilons outside the stadium even before the games officially ended.

To racial-conscious Nazis, the fact that the United States had to have a black man run for them only confirmed the view that ours was a mongrol nation. Far from disproving ideas of Aryan superiority, the games only confirmed them. As such, it was a spectacular propaganda coup for Germany.

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