The High Style of Nazi Propaganda


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  • 1930


German Volk
You have the choice!

Either men of the bankrupt Past

Men of the Future

This poster is evidence that not everything the Nazis offered in terms of propaganda was effective. This poster is overly cluttered, and difficult to scan and understand at a glance. At the top, under men of the bankrupt past, it presents pictures of seven opponents -- all of them Jewish, most of them wearing rather ugly horn-rimmed glasses.

In the lower part of the poster, in slightly larger pictures, are portrayed as men of the future 11 Nazis. Only one is dressed in an SA uniform. The rest are in civilian and even bourgeois suits. In the center is a poor picture of Hitler and to the right Goebbels and Goering. To the right is former General Litzmann, and then Captain Epp, leader of the Free Korps unit that had "liberated" Munich from the Soviet Republic in 1919.

At the bottom is the caption:

Come to Us! EVERYONE
Vote List 9, the NSDAP -- Hitler Movement


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