The High Style of Nazi Propaganda


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  • 1930

Another poster from 1930 stresses the theme of Jewish discount houses and department stores as evil institutions which threaten small businesses. This was a popular theme in many right-wing "Völkisch" groups, and is very much alive today in parts of the United States where "Wal-Mart" is considered the villain. For the Nazi propaganda against these large departement stores, it helped that most of them were owned by Jews.

This Goebbels creation shows the Jewish owner of a large Department Store &emdash; closely resembling Berlin's largest, the Department Store of the West (KdW) &emdash; as an evil-looking octopus. While crowds jam the entrances to his large establishment, his tentacles are reaching out and destroying the small businesses.

Already caught up are a leather-goods shop, a grocery, a butcher shop, and in the rear a wine store.

Although the poster bears no caption, the implied message is "Buy from German shops." Or perhaps: "Support your local merchants!"

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