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  • 1934
The Reichs Party Rally

Nürnberg 1934

4-10 September

This poster was designed for the Party rally at Nürnberg, later known primarily though Leni Riefenstahl's dramatic documentary, Triumph of the Will

Subsequently, Hitler and Goebbels will give catch names such as this to each of the Party rallies, but the poster for this one seems almost bland.

What are we to make of the soldier, without a helmet but with sword drawn. Is he savoring victory ? And do the oak clusters around the Swastika on his shield imply the same sense of Victory?

If that is the case, who is the victory over? Only two months earlier, Hitler and the SS had executed Ernst Röhm and his radical SA leadership, killing more than 200 people without benefit of an official investigation or of a trial. Is that the grounds for claiming victory?

Too much about this poster remains ambiguous for it to be very effective.

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