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  • 1933



This graphically exciting poster became one of the most famous. The design is very simple, three Nazi flags are flying in the breeze as they are clearly being carried in a parade marching to our left.

The poster avoids the expected clutter -- no mention of National Socialism at all.No mention of promises or programs. And there is no representation of the Führer himself.

It is as if Hitler's name is sufficient.

Thus the poster seems to have a double meaning. On the one hand, it seems to be saying, only Hitler can help Germany in this hour of need. That is, he is needed as a leader, as a figurehead, regardless of what he or his party might stand for.

While on the other hand, it says that all that National Socialism has to offer is "only Hitler." To put it another way, German voters need not wrestle with the various programs which some Nazis have put forward. The entire message of the party could be summarized as "only Hitler."



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