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  • 1933


A Ceremonial Moment at the Laying of the Corner-Stone for the House of German Art [in Munich]

The Papal Nuncio Basallo di Torregrossa said to the Führer:

"For a long time I did not understand you. But for a long time I worked at it. Today I understand you."

Every German Catholic today understands Adolf Hitler, and on 12 November

will vote

In the campaign for the Plebiscite of November 1933, the Nazi party overlooked no chance to rally support. Here, they use a photograph snapped a few months earlier of the Papal Nuncio speaking with Hitler. The rather bland quotation aside, it seems to be a formal recognition of Hitler's leadership.

Moreover, in July 1933, the Vatican by signing the Concordat with Germany became the first foreign state to do business with Hitler's "Government of National Concentration."

Thus it does not seem far-fetched for this poster to end with a call for German Catholics to support Hitler.

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