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  • 1936
  • Ludwig Hohlwein
Ten Years
of the National Socialist
Student Union.

Reichs Celebration
25 and 26th January 1936


By early 1936, Germany and the National Socialists were in a celebratory mood. The remarkable economic recovery had ended the Depression; the 91% victory in the return of the Saarland confirmed that Germans had recovered a sense of pride in being Germans.

This poster by Ludwig Hohlwein catches that same spirit. A very stylized German eagle, with a rather eccentric Swastika diamond embossed on the front, soars over the skyline of Munich -- note the prominant twin steeples of the Frauenkirche.

The National Socialist Student Union was only one of innumerable Nazi organizations which commissioned such works of propaganda. Indeed, the whole country was kept in a fury of excitment by celebrations such as this ten-year Anniversary rally in Munich.

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