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  • 1933

In the greatest distress

Hindenburg selected

Adolf Hitler as Chancellor

You too should select his

List 1


The second theme which Hitler and Goebbels selected in order to win the Reichstag elections of March 1933 was Hindenburg. Although the election in no way involved the old President, and everyone knew how reluctant Hindenburg had been to appoint Hitler to the government, the Nazis conveniently re-wrote history. Gone now was the aggressive anti-Hindenburg stance the party had shown in the presidential elections only 10 months earlier (see posters in the preceeding section).

Instead, the Nazis now fought the campaign as if Hitler was the approved candidate of President Hindenburg, and a vote against Hitler would also be a repudiation of the old President.

This is the earliest version of this theme, and is rather primitive -- a faked picture of Hitler and Hindenburg shaking hands with the number "1" thrusting up. This strange graphics seems to imply that not only had Hindenburg selected Hitler, but he also supported all the candidates of the Nazi Party whose names appeared on the party's Reichstag campaign list.

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