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  • 1933


Will the Reich be destroyed

if you are united and loyal"


List 1: National Sozialism

Central in Goebbels' propaganda campaign for the March 1933 elections was his intention to link Hitler (as well as the whole party) with the traditionally attractive figure of the old Field-Marshal and (since 1925) Reichs President. Paul von Hindenburg. The graphics of this powerful poster juxtapose the two leaders, and the caption comes from a speech by Hindenburg himself.

In this fashion, Goebbels hoped to win over those Germans who distrusted party politics, or were put off by Hitler's demagogic style, or who feared that the Nazis were out to erect a dictatorship. By making Hitler seem to be the "front man" behind whom stood the reassuring presence and power of the old Field Marshal, the Nazis could attract the support of the "non-political" Germans.

And of course, appeals to unity and loyalty ever sound good in a campaign.Not e again the color scheme of black, white and red -- the old Imperial colors.

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