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  • 1928

Another poster from the Fourth Reichstag elections of 20 May 1928 elections, this one again takes up the outdated theme of the 1924 Dawes Plan. It shows an embattled worker, anachronistically dressed as a medieval knight, holding not a sword but a hammer, and a Swastika-decorated shield with the words:

Labor that is Free

And at the bottomA Land that is Free

The text on the shield implies that under the terms of the Dawes Plan for Reparations payment, Germany's whole export profits were designated as collateral to make sure the mortgage payments on the railroads would be paid to the International bank that was collecting reparations. Thus, neither the German land, nor German labor was under purely German control, thus not "free."

Behind the worker is a factory and a farmer plowing his land. Graphically the heroic worker/warrior seems to be protecting them from some threatened danger. But it is unclear why he should be doing so with a hammer and shield!

At the bottom of the poster, the enemy is finally identified:

Down with the Dawes Plan
Vote List # 10
[The Hitler Movement]

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