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  • 1935
German Mother

Home to You!

In the bitterly fought campaign for the Saarland, this poster was one of the most effective. It shows a young man, chains on his feet and a depressed look on his face, stepping out from the smoking furnaces of the Saarland to greet his old white-haired Mother, at whose back rises the towers of some Rhenish town, possibly Mainz or Coblenz.

The poster is noteworthy for the complete absence of Nazi slogans or symbols. It employs a sentimental nationalism, and a powerful image of German families separated by the unjust terms of the Versailles Treaty.

The poster's sentimentality is heightened by the use of the old German script instead of the usual Roman typeset. The implication is that here we are confronting such a deep emotional linkage --the Saar and Germany-- that it can only be expressed in the ancient typeset and in the imagry of mother and son.

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