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  • 1933
March to Adolf Hitler

by the German Youth

Throughout 1933 and into 1934, the Hitler Youth had made a determined effort to consolidate all the various youth organizations of Germany under their banner. Baldur von Schirach, the ambitious leader of the Hitler Youth, took the initiative in first working out an arrangement by which the Lutheran Youth groups were brought into the HJ, and then in a coup managed to take over the chief umbrella organization which had previously served the interest of the various youth groups.

Now claiming that the Hitler Youth was in fact, the German Youth, Baldur von Schirach faced opposition only from the Catholic Youth groups.

In the summer of 1934, as part of his campaign, Schirach organized a nation-wide march, in which tens of thousands of Hitler Youth would march to Nürnberg to "see the Führer."

This poster appeared as part of this campaign. The eagle represented is from a design by Albert Speer for the 1934 Party Rally, and it stands here over the city of Nürnberg which would be the goal of this march.

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