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  • 1937
  • Ludwig Hohlwein



National Socialist Flying Corps

The German Flight 1937

20-27 June

This handsome poster appeared in early 1937 commissioned from the popular commercial artist Ludwig Hohlwein. It featurees another of his heroic nudes, although this one incongruously wears a helmet. With his spear at his side, he gazes up into the skies as if standing watch. His only protection, however (apart from that helmet) is the broad shield painted in the graphically startling blue and white Bavarian colors.

I do not know what the LRR monogram stands for, nor have I been able to establish why this poster was commissioned in 1937.

It does not seem to be particularly pro-military, nor does it predict some immediate outbreak of war. The watcher seems relaxed, confident in his own resources. Perhaps this was the intent -- to project supreme assuredness: Germany can handle any situation which comes up.

How much of this image comes from the party must remained unclear. Hohlwein loved these masculine images and injected them whenever possible. Here, I am not entirely clear what the graphics mean.

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