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  • 1924


The Völkischen Block!

The only other major theme which the Völkisch Block stressed while Hitler was still in prison was a pronounced regionalism. Almost all the leaders were Bavarians, and they looked upon Bavaria as their real homeland. What happened in Germany as a whole was important only insofar as it affected Bavaria. This provincialism is clearly illustrated in this picture.

This striking poster from the 1924 election features the Swastika symbol (in its original Hitler version: black Hackenkreuz in a white circle on a red field). By 1924 this has come to stand almost exclusively for Anti-Semitism. But here the symbol is combined with the popular image of the Bavarian lion, the heraldic animal on the Bavarian Coat of Arms. Here, the lion places his paw on a shield, the top of which is decorated with the blue and white Bavarian check pattern, while above him appears the word "Bavaria."

By this double association, the poster implies that the Völkischen Block represented the true Bavarian spirit, and that to support Bavaria meant to "vote Völkisch!" which is the caption under the lion.

Although the poster is graphic in its sparing but effective use of color, and the lion is certainly handsome, the combination appears awkward and forced. Lions do not usually stand with an arm on a shield, and the poster fails to persuade the casual viewer that the Hakenkreuz and the Blue and White go together.

Greater German Volks Gemeinschaft Inc.
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