Consolidation of Power
Nazi Propaganda



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  • 1933


For 13 years, ADOLF HITLER has brought you together!

German White Collar and Blue Collar Workers!

German Peasants!

Do not let yourself be driven apart once again!

Vote National Socialist, List 1

Central to the National Socialist platform for the past ten years had been its claim that they and they alone could unite the classes and economic groups of Germany. They claimed that the politics of democracy had in fact perpetuated these class and economic divisions.

In this poster, three representative Germans shake hands. The viewer can easily identify the peasant with his scythe, the worker with his hammer, and between them, in his middle class tie and coat, the white collar worker.

The prominant place of Adolf Hitler's name advances the text, that such unity was only possible through the work of the National Socialist leader.

Although the poster, liker most of the Nazi productions, is very short on substance, it presents a graphic image of the Nazi goal: a community (Gemeinschaft) that knows no economic or class distinctions.


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