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  • 1933

The bill is dated, 30 January 1933, when Hitler was appointed Chancellor, and stamped across the bill is the note that the bill is to paid on 5 March 1933, the date of the Reichstag Elections.


To: the Social Democratic Party

of Germany (SPD)

From: the starving German Volk

The Nazis also introduced a fourth theme into their campaign for the Reichstag elections of 5 March 1933. Stated in recent American parlance, the Nazis claimed they were running against the Establishment. Indeed, they portrayed themselves as oppossing everything which all the other political parties had done since 1918.

As part of their attacks upon the "Berlin Establishment," they particularly singled out the Social Democratic Party of Germany (the SPD), the Marxist party which had helped form the Republic in 1919, and which had participated in most of the coalitions that had governed the Republic in its 14 year history. The Nazis stressed the heavy price which the German people had been forced to pay for such leadership. This poster makes that point by presenting it as a Bill, owed to the German people, by the SPD.

To get a translation of the whole "bill" click here.The bottom caption runs:

German Volk! These come from 14 years of Slavery. Never forget that.

Now you must demand that the bill be paid in full.

You will only receive payment, if you vote for

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