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  • 1935

We know your Needs

We are are helping

On 1 March, Collection
for the German Workers Front.

This poster continues a theme that prevails through much of the Third Reich: rather than government assistance, improvement will come through private giving.

Standing before the symbol of the German Workers Front (a Swastika surrounded by a stylized gear, Adolf Hitler shakes hand with a working man. Both seem to be enjoying the encounter.

But the picture seems removed from the message! Hitler is not saying that HE knows their need and that HE will help. So the picture is useful only to indicate Hitler's personal committment to the workers of Germany.

Financial assistance, to meet those "needs," will be up to all Germans.

Thus, the German Workers Front stages an annual appeal. The graphic on the lower left is the typical collection-can, held out on street-corners and in restaurants. Numerous private diaries and letters from the period stress how omnipresent such collections were.

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