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  • 1935
  • Ludwig Hohlwein

The Hitler Youth

Germany's Future

This second 1935 poster by Ludwig Hohlwein was for the Hitler Youth. Again he makes use of his favorite graphic, the physically attractive, semi-nude "Aryan"-looking young man. He stands at attention, with the pole of his flag rising vertically at his shoulder.

Behind him, the flags of the Hitler Youth movement fly bravely, while the German Eagle hovers over the outstretched hands of unseen HJ youths.

Hohlwein's heroic figures are part of a campaign to move away from the earlier HJ image -- dedicated fighters and propagandists for National Socialism. Now they become GERMANY's FUTURE.

How much of this was the result of a deliberate decision by Party leadership is hard to establish. The party did not commission posters from some central bureau, but rather each group -- here the Hitler Youth -- manufactured its own image. And so the driving force here may be the "nationalist" orientation of the artist, Ludwig Hohlwein.

He had long been a supported of right-wing causes and works for the Nazis only after they come to power in 1933. In this and the surrounding posters, however, the Nationalist aspect of National Socialism is all pervasive.

Subsequently, in the late 1930s, Joseph Goebbels will succeed in uniting all propaganda under his control, but in 1935 this is not yet the case.

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