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  • 1933
14 Years of the

Jewish Republic


In the early days of May 1933, just about two months after the abortive Boycott of Jewish stores and businesses, the Nazi youth and Student organizations struck again.

They organized demonstrations in all the major universities, during which the "un-German" books and publications would be taken out of the libraries and ceremoniously burned.

This patriotic exercise of course had strong historical precedents. In 1517, Martin Luther had publicly burned the Papal bull excommunicating him, and had then proceeded to stage public burnings of Thomistic philosophy books, missals, papal decrees, and other symbols of the ancient church.

In 1817, on the three hundredth anniversary of Luther's bonfire, German university students, protesting the failure of a united Germany to appear following the defeat of Napoleon, met at Wartburg Castle, where Martin Luther had been hidden by his friends, and publicly burned books they found offensive to the German spirit.

Now, in May 1933, the German universities are once again purged of offensive books. This poster, advertizing a book on the Weimar Republic, has a cover commemorating the burning of these books. Especially singled out for destruction were books by Jewish writers: Sigmund Freud, Albert Einstein, Stefan Zweig, and Erich Muhlsam. But the students enthusiastically destroyed copies of liberal and democratic authors, such as Erich Marie Remarque's pacifist All Quiet on the Western Front, and Thomas Mann's short stories.

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