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  • 1936
  • Walde


Think about it, Comrade

Behind all the Marxist ideological parties there is and has always been Jewry!

On 5 June 1936, after a series of weak French governments (4 in two years), parliamentary elections gave a majority to the Popular Front, a coalition of Socialists, Radical Socialists, and Communists. Selected to be Prime Minister was Léon Blum, a Jew.

This government posed absolutely no threat to Germany, and faced so much domestic opposition in France that even had it been hostile it could hardly have carried out very much. Nevertheless, the Nazi party reacted with a wave of anti-Semitic cartoons and posters, such as had not been seen in Germany since 1933.

This was one of them. It shows a smiling Jew standing behind two figures representing socialist and communists. He has successfully "united" by driving a nail through a board labeled "Popular Front" and into their heads. It is so positioned that they cannot see for themselves.

Thus, the Jew becomes the director of the Popular Front.

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