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  • 1937


The Eternal Jew

Although anti-Semitism had from the beginning been an essential part of National Solcialism, few posters were devoted to its presentation. In the early days of the party -- between 1919 and 1923 -- the tone had been almost entirely anti-Semitic, but after the re-establishment of the NSDAP in 1925 other themes and graphics predominate.

Of course even then, the stereotyped Jewish figure would frequently appear, often accompanied by representatives of other "internationalist" groups, the Communists, the Socialists, and the Catholics.

Among the SA, however, anti-Semitism remained an active force and the Government's legal enactments (especially the infamous Nürnberg Laws of 1935) were improvised steps to appease this undercurrent of hatred.

But apparently this approach was not working sufficiently, for in 1937 Goebbels -- himself a virulent anti-Semite -- organized a touring show to explain the dangers of Jewry. This is the poster for that exhibition. It shows a caftaned Jew offering to golden coins in order to buy Germany! Under his arm, he hold a map of the Soviet Union.

By implication, therefore, the Jews are the traitors who would turn Germany into another Soviet Republic. In his left hand, the figure holds the marker rabbis use when reading from the Torah.

Great Political Exhibit in the Library of the German Museum
Munich, Daily from 8 November 1937: Opened 10 am to 9 pm.

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