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  • Ludwig Hohlwein
  • 1934

Gleichschaltung of Hunting Clubs


The passion for Gleichschaltung extended throughout German society and embraced thousands of institutions. This poster by Ludwig Hohlwein celebrates the successful merger of the various hunting clubs and organizations in Germany into a gleichgeschaltete Federal Hunt of Germany.

With the Swastika featured prominantely between the antlers of a huge elk, two hunters shake hands. The figure on the left is dressed in the short pants, hunting jacket and feathered cap -- the traditional dress of Alpine, or South German hunters. This identification is completed with the fir tree standing behind him.

The figure on the right wears the high-boots, tailored jacket and hat of the North German hunter. The heath bush behind him confirms this identification.

Between the two flies the German eagle, and the rays of the setting or rising sun seem to outline a castle.

Ludwig Hohlwein was himself a passionate hunter and this may have been his personal tribute to the new all-German hunting association.

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