The High Style of Nazi Propaganda


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  • 1925


Marxists! Is This Then
Your Fight Against Capitalism?

This innovative poster from early 1926 shows a stereotyped fat Jew, sitting on a bag of 100,000,000 millions, and the bag is marked War, Revolutions, Inflation, and Eastern Jewish Profiteers. Confronting him is a laborer represting Germany. Sleeves rolled up, he points an accusatory finger at the gloating Jew who sits sipping champagne and eating a whole roasted chicken! Blocking the irate worker from reaching the Jew is a uniformed union official, complete with red arm-band. The poster clearly suggests that the Socialist Party and its associated trade unions, despite their anti-capitalist claims, were in fact protecting the Jewish capitalists who were benefiting from Germany's troubles.

Underneat the headlines, the poster informs us that the National Socialists were proposing a new Reichstag bill: Confiscation of the Property of Bankers and Stock Market Princes and other Parasites of the People.

Underneath, the text of this proposed legislation is printed. To view a translation click here. The bill was not taken seriously by the Reichstag and never reported out of committee for a full debate. Nethertheless, this poster shows an important element of Hitler's new strategy. He is following the path of legality. In proposing a Reichstag bill, he is cooperating with the political process even while his purposes clearly are contradictory to the civil rights guaranteed by this constitutional system.

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