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  • 1937
  • Ludwig Hohlwein


International Hunting Exhibit

Berlin 1937
9-21 November
Exhibit Hall at the Radio Tower

Another slick poster by Ludwig Hohlwein. Long an avid hunter himself, Hohlwein may well have offered this production voluntarily rather than as the result of a commission.

It shows his characteristic male nude, presented in the form of a Greek statue. The only colors are offered by the golden falcon which the figure bears on his left arm, and the golden stag antlers which frame the lower part of his anatomy.

Nazi support for hunting, and hunting exhibits, came largely from Hermann Goering. Adolf Hitler himself repeatedly expressed his open distaste for all forms of hunting. On numerous occasions, he teased Goering for his participation in such "murderous rites."

One night, surviving documents show, he told Goering that only if the rabbits, deer, and partridges were also armed with rifles, and then were pursued by hunters, might this activity be considered a "sport."

In spite of Hitler's opposition, this poster appeared and the exhibit was held. There is no record that Hitler ever tried to stop it.

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