Nazi Propaganda
of the Machtergreifung


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  • 1932
  • Mjölnir (Hans Schweiter)

Our Last Hope


As 1932 began, the Weimar Republic was mired in economiic and political chaos. Ever since the government had lost its Reichstag majority with the resignation of SPD members in 1930, democratic process had stopped.

In 1931, the Reichstag had been able to pass only 3 laws. The Republic was being ruled under presidential dictatorship, made possible by Article 48 of the Weimar Constitution. Declaring the political institutions hopelessly deadlocked, President Hindenburg issued a series of Decrees which had the force of law. Economic distress and political turmoil had killed democracy in Germany.

But now an even more profound crisis appeared. Hindenburg's Seven-Year term of office was to end in March 1932. Who would then become President? Joseph Goebbels was determined that Adolf Hitler should run and win.

Although Hitler was not entirely convinced, when the government announced that President Hindenburg, aged 84, would run for a second seven-year term, Hitler agreed to become a candidate. This poster was the first in a bombastic campaign. Here, the issue was clearly the depression, and Hitler is presented as the savior.

The evocative faces of a despairing populace form a wonderful background to the white letters of Hitler's name. It is another excellent poster presented by Hitler's favorite artist, Hans Schweitzer, better known under his "artistic" name of Mjölnir.

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