The High Style of Nazi Propaganda


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  • 1927

Significantly, the movement officially called National Socialism was far from being a monolithic or centralized development. All over Germany in the mid-twenties, individual groups and organizations were forming, and only loosely associating themselves with Nazi headquarters in Munich. One of the most successful among these groups was a youth group which came to call itself the Hitler Youth. Founded in Thuringia by a local official, Kurt Graber, it soon developed a life of it own, including its own leadership corps which prided itself on being as young as its own members. "Youth leading youth" became its motto. It published its own weekly newspaper, of which this is a cover in July 1927. It is an appeal to communist and socialist youth who are seen marching in the background. Don't participate in foolish activities with the Communists. Come join us!


The Fighting Paper for Creative Youth

Revolutionary Youth!

German Youth from city and countryside!

Don't join a despairing fight!

Come Join Us!

In the Fighting Youth for Greater Germany, the Hitler-Youth!

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