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  • 1935


Youth Hostels and Homes

This appealing poster of a young BdM girl collecting money for a Youth Hostel is one of the most familiar kinds of propaganda pushed by the Nazis in 1935 and in the following years. Although Hitler promised the People's Community, he never suggested that it would be accomplished by the government!

Nazi propaganda followed Hitler's lead. It would be up to the Germans to create this community, Hitler was only the "voice crying in the wilderness." Dozens of Nazi posters appeared similar to this one, urging Germans to contribute financially to all sorts of causes.

Of these, the building and maintenance of youth hostels was one of the most popular. Dating back to the end of the 19th century, German hostels had become an important part of youth culture. These hostels were usually built high up in the mountains, or deep in forests and moor. Accessible only by hiking, they were simple, even primitive lodgings, where youngsters, usually hiking in groups, could spend a few nights for just pennies.

In 1933, the Hitler Youth organization had taken over -- Gleichschaltung again -- the national organization of Youth Hostels, and thereafter it was up to the Nazi groups, particular the Hitler Youth and BdM to come up with money to support and maintain these hostels. This poster was part of that on-going campaign.

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