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  • 1925



into the Reich

That is the underlying desire of all of the German-Austrian people which no power on earth can defeat. Home to the motherland, because otherwise German Austria will certainly be destroyed; because an independent Austria has not proven to be viable even with League of Nations subsidies and international loans; because even the idea of some Danubean Confederation would be nothing more than a new kind of enslavement by foreigners; and because the only alternative to our complete impoverishment is: Union with Germany

Daily unemployment and poverty grows here, and a deep despair has taken hold of our people. We must escape from this situation. The idea of the self-determination of peoples is an essential idea in Western Democracy. We, however, are denied this right, and we must now demand it.

Despite the fact that our present foreign minister dismisses the idea of Anschluß as a silly dream, we call a massive rally supporting the Anschluß for 13 April 1925. Party Spokesman Karl Schulz will speak.

Throughout the 1920s, Adolf Hitler remained an Austrian citizen and his movement had numerous branches in his homeland. As in Germany, it remained a very small party and this is one of the earliest posters that have survived from the Austrian Nazi movement.

As with the earlier German examples, this is more of a placard than a poster, but it differs from its German variety by the pronounced used of the old imperial German colors: Red, Black and White. In this fashion, the Austrian Nazis were not only making a political statement about wanting Anschluß (Union of Austria and Germany), but also a return to the political situation of Imperial Germany. The Austrian Nazis have obviously seized upon the idea of this union as a key to improving their political position by publicly embrassing the Anschluß as the answer to all of Austria's many problems.

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