The High Style of Nazi Propaganda


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  • 1930
  • Mjölnir (Hans Schweitzer)


Smash Them to Pieces 


Hitler's preferred icon for his party was the image of a German worker smashing something. For the Reichstag elections of September 1930, Hitler employed his favorite artist, Mjölnir, who here lumps all their opponents together into something called: Parties of the Young Plan, that is those Republican parties which had reluctantly, but responsibly, accepted the new schedule of reparations payments in 1929.

In this poster, the muscular representative of the Nazi Volk (notice the belt-buckle) raises up a huge sledge-hammer, thereby revealing his determination as well as well-built physique. The parties of the Weimar Coalition cower in the corner. Graphically they are familiar: the labor organizer looses his hat while trying to escape; the badger-like Democrats turn away, while the Jew in his silk hats pushes his "allies" aside as he scurries to escape the wrath of the outraged worker.

The caption at the bottom is simple:

Vote List 9:
National Socialists

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