The High Style of Nazi Propaganda


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  • 1930
This Money Belongs to Productive People! 

As Germany stumbled tinto the horrors of the Depression, Hitler kept stressing the popular theme that excessive reparations had caused the problems. Here is a popular poster depicting that approach. It shows a scuffy figure (probably meant to depict a union organizer or ward boss for the SPD) carrying off a bag of money (It says 2 Billion a year, the sum set by the Young Plan of 1929). From the Eifel Tower in the background, the viewer is to conclude that the money is being taken away from the desperate Germans and shipped to the former victor nations.

The caption calls for a halt to such payments, arguing that this money belongs to those who produce it! And implies that a vote for the National Socialist German Workers Party will stop this kind of transaction.

Note that while the full name of the party is cited, the larger name at the bottom is Hitler. Even though Hitler has proposed no clear method of handling either the economic depression or the issue of reparations, this poster implies that he will do so. The viewer is asked to vote for List 9, because despite all their propaganda efforts, in the 1928 elections, the Nazis had finished 9th. Now, with the trauma of the Great Depression, they were hoping for a substantial increase of voters, and of their 12 seats in the Reichstag.

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