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  • 1936



Tragically for Europe, just as the celebration of the Olympic Games began in Berlin, Spain exploded in Civil War. In July 1936 a group of Spanish generals staged a coup. Prominant in this was General Franciso Franco who became head of the new Provisional Government in October. By November Madrid was under siege and the Republican government had fled to Valencia.

From the start, numerous leftist, socialist and anarchist elements in Spain became the chief defenders of the Republic. Unable to stop the generals in the field, they turned against their alleged supporters -- especially aristocrats, middle-class businessmen, and the Catholic Church.

In the subsequent riots, churches were burned, convents and monasteries looted, and religious murdered. Of course, the Nationalists (Franco's troops) treated the communists and anarchists with equal harshness.

This poster appeared in early Novembeer 1936 and features a symbol popular during the German Revolution of 1918-1919: the dead hand of Bolshevism setting fire to a church. The poster advertized a new exposition:

Great Anti-Bolshevik Exhibit

Munich, Library building of the German Museum Daily from 5 November 1936 -- 10 am to 9 pm.

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