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  • 1937
  • Worbel



Healthy Parents

Healthy Children

Read the demographic-political information pamphlets of the NS Organization for
Volks Wellbeing

This is an arch-typical Nazi poster from the 1930s. It embodies the party's vision of population growth, but also shows a growing emphasis upon physical health and population planning.

The picture shows a smiling, vital German family: husband and wife in perfect health, four children with the oldest son already enrolled in the Hitler Youth.

The poster advertized a series of Nazi pamphlets which prescribed outdoor activities and improved diets as the key to a healthy population. But by implication, these pamphlets, and this poster, suggest the ever-present danger of forces that could weaken this healthy population.

Thus, the poster suggests more than a first glance might imply. Built into such a graphic is the strong influence of the Eugenics Movement &emdash;the opportunity to eliminate hereditary diseases and mental illness through proper breeding.

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