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  • 1935

the Volks-Community

One of the major ingredients in the appeal of Naional Socialism was its promise to produce a new kind of society, one characterized not by the impersonal relations so prevalent in the urban, industrialized world, but one in which individuals would find comfort and support within a well-defined community. In contrast to the world of both capitalists and communists, this community would care for the individual.

To emphasize this, the Nazi propagandists early seized upon a distinction which the German language makes between Society [Gesellschaft] and Community [Gemeinschaft]. Gesellschaft represented all that was external, superficial, materialistic. It would include the clothes we wear, the government and laws we lived under, and the powerful economic forces which shaped our lives. These were all impersonal and a source of alientation. Gemeinschaft on the other hand were all those things that made us ourselves -- our language, our culture, our family life, our close personal relations.

A whole series of Nazi organizations grew up promising to turn German society into a Volks Gemeinschaft -- a true Community of the People. This poster offered one of the most powerful images of that vision -- a happy family, lovingly protected by the outstretched wings of the German eagle.

Comrades who need advice and assistance, turn to your local [Nazi] Group.

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