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  • March 1936

All of Germany
Listens to the Führer

On the People's Radio

For the 1936 Reichstag elections, Goebbels unleashed a broad propaganda campaign especially utilizing broadcasts of Hitler's speeches and rallies. In many cities and towns, municipal officials set up public loud-speaks in the squares to carry these broadcasts.

But obviously, it would be much better if every German family could be reached in their homes directly. To this end, an inexpensive radio had been designed and produced by a subsidiary of the German Workers Front. Called the People's Radio, it sold at a very low price and became widely available in late 1935.

This poster while ostensibly designed to sell the radios was employed in the campaign of March 1936.

It shows large crowds of people incongruously gathered around a massive radio. The point, however, was clear. The radio could bring individuals directly into the experience, the ambiance of the popular rallies, without their physical presence.

Mention should also be made of the double-meanings of the word "listen." Of course it COULD mean simply having your ears receive the sounds, but in German as in English it can mean "obey," as in "Listen to your parents."

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