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  • March 1936

Our Children

now have a future

because of

Adolf Hitler

In early 1936, the German government decided that the time had come to end the last remaining clause of the Treaty of Versailles -- the Demilitarized Zone in the Rhineland. In 1932, the Reparations had been eliminated; in that same year, Germany's unilateral disarmament had been set aside; in 1935, Germany had regained the Saarland; in 1935 Germany had introduced military conscription; and in 1935 had recreated the German Air Force and signed a treaty with Great Britain which permitted the building of a navy of up to 35% of British strength.

Only the demilitarized Rhineland remained intact. Using the ratification of the French-Soviet Pact as justification, Hitler ordered two divisions into German territory on the left bank of the Rhine, and simultaneously offered to come back to the Disarmament Conference which Germany had left in 1933.

The government also called for new elections to confirm to the world that these moves had the full backing of the German people.

But instead of stressing the military and foreign accomplishments, the campaign wisely kicked off with this poster. Handsome children and a grateful mother makes for great appeal. And then, of course, all thanks ago to the great leader, Adolf Hitler.

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