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  • 1935

Free time for
Creative Youth

Every German boy should spend his vacation time in a home or summer camp of the Hitler Youth.

Information and Registration with your local HJ group.

One of the most important goals of the Hitler Youth was to reach out and organize young people during their so called "free time," that is those hours when they were not in school. German schools at this time ran six days a week, and except for two brief 3-week vacations they were a twelve-month system.

The Hitler Youth therefore concentrated its activities on Sundays and these vacation weeks. Sundays, of course, were religious holidays and both Lutherans and Catholics held lengthy services on that day. Thus, HJ activities often interferred with church going and was the source of much friction.

Therefore, the HJ devoted most of its energy to organizing and running summer camps. This was a poster for one such program.

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