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  • March 1936

Formerly:unemployment, hopelessness, uncertainty,
strikes, lock-outs

Today: work, joy,
discipline, Volks Comradeship

Therefore, give your vote to the Führer!


This is another poster from the newly scheduled Reichstag elections of March 1936. Rather than suggest that Germans should vote for Hitler because of his great foreign policy victories -- the Saarland of 1935 and the Reoccupation of the Rhineland in 1936 -- Goebbels concentrated his propaganda on domestic issues.

Here, the background pictures show a group of three men on strike. The placard they hold says: Attention: This is a Strike. The figure on the right background carries a sign: Locked out! This was a frequent response by management and owners to union demands. They would simply shut down, locking the doors so that the workers could not come in. On the lower left is an unemployed man sleeping on a park bench.

In contrast to these "bad old days" of the Republic and Depression, this poster presents a young member of the German Labor Service, the volunteer "domestic peace corps." The image stresses young men working for Germany!

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