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  • 1920



Week of Sacrifice for Essen
May 3 through 10

Part of Germany's humiliation in the Versailles Treaty of 1919 was the military occupation of the Rhineland by French, British, and (originally) American troops for an unspecified period of time. When the United States refused to sign the Versailles Treaty, the American zone of occupation was divided up between French and Belgium troops.

The purpose of this occupation was to insure that Germany's entire western fortifications would be destroyed, and to permit the Allies to cross over into the area beyond the Rhine River at any time, ostensibly to guarantee full compliance with the Versailles Treaty.

This particular poster is an early nationalist effort to remind Germans that despite the "peace" which had been signed in 1919, the Rhineland was still under military occupation. Numerous right-wing groups within the Republic organized relief for the Germans under occupation. In precisely this period, the fresh Ph.D. Joseph Goebbels, from a town under French occupation, was beginning his association with the Nazi party.

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