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  • 1934
Führer, we follow You!

Everyone says


This is the main poster produced for the 19 August 1934 Plebiscite on whether or not Adolf Hitler should assume the office of President. Interestingly enough, the word Reichs President does not even appear on the poster. If a casual outsider came across it, he would never guess that it was for the election to President.

There is a good reason for this. After his defeat for President in 1932, Hitler told his associates that in retrospect it had been a bad mistake to run for that office. "Imagine" he said "someone calling me President Hitler!" The title struck him as being too bourgeois, too status-quo. Thus, in announcing the new law that gave him the powers of the presidency (commander-in-chief of the armed forces, head of state and not merely of the government, the authority to whom foreign diplomatic missions were accredited, etc.), Hitler announced that he would not use the title.

Instead, he told the Germans, he asked to be addressed as "Führer and Reichs Chancellor." The name "President" was to be retired just as the Celtics retire a number when a star leaves the profession.

But here, the Germans are being asked to say "Yes" to Hitler, and not to any specific change in the constitutional title.

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