The High Style of Nazi Propaganda


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  • 1925


First Bread!
Then Repartions
demands every
National Socialist
[The Hitler Movement]

In 1924, while Hitler had been in prison, the German government had accepted a new plan drawn up by and named after the American banker Chester Dawes. It provided for a billion mark annual reparations payment until 1927, and then 2.5 billion marks thereafter. To serve as collateral, the German railroads would be nationalized and a mortgage of 15 billion at 5% interest would be paid to a new interntional reparations commission. These mortgage payments would continue for 37 years.

Despite the outcry from nationalist and patriotic groups throughout Germany, in August 1924 the Dawes Plan achieved a 2/3's majority in the Reichstag and was ratified. In the subsequent Third Reichstag elections, which the Nazis contested under the "Völkisch Block" designation, they lost heavily, as did the Communists.

In this early poster issued after his release from prison, Hitler tries to re-fight the lost battle over the Dawes plan, which characteristically he attributes to Jews. Notice the fat character at the right,holding the newspaper with the words "Versailles" and "Dawes." He is contrasted graphically with the thin and old lady suffering on the opposite side.

The caption at the bottom says: Therefore, vote List # --- NSDAP. The number was left blank so that the poster could be employed in any of the various state and municipal elections. The Nazi Party was still largely without funds.


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