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  • Summer 1919
Fight Bolshevism

Join the Bavarian Law and Order Block


With the unexpected appearance of a Soviet Republic in strongly conservative (and even strongly monarchical) Bavaria, a shock wave rippled through the state. Although the Soviet Republic was short-lived, suppressed rather bloodily by para-military Free Corps units in March-April 1919, the after shocks reverberated and Bavaria became the center of numerous right-wing organizations whose central propaganda theme became anti-Bolshevism.

This remarkably artistic poster was produced in the summer of 1919 and shows a windmill whose arms are rather oddly labelled "Bread." The implication is that truly dedicated people will "work" for their bread (the turning of the arms of the windmill), while the Bolsheviks are lazy.

Despite the clarity of design, the poster does not appear very effective. It does not really identify Bolsheviks, nor is there anything in the scene that seems to threaten the stability of Bavaria or its people. Nevertheless, I have included it here as one of the earliest examples of a poster whose whole message is anti-Communist.

It is also interesting to see how the windmill can be viewed as a sort of disguised Swastika, and as such prepares the way for the Nazi use of this symbol.

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