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  • 1933
German Youth Festival

Saturday, 24 June 1934

Support the German Youth

by buying the Festival Pin

This is still another poster from Baldur von Schirach's campaign to turn the Hitler Youth into the German Yough organization.

Central to the appeal of the Hitler Youth was its extravagent use of popular festivals. This one, a nation-wide gathering of the German Youth, is held on the traditional Feast Day of St. John the Baptist. Ever since medieval times, this feast had been celebrated as midsummer , marking the summer solstice. Celebrations included an evening bonfire. a tradition which continues to this day in Scandinavian countries.

Heinrich Himmler had passionately embraced these old Norse pagan celebrations as an alternative to Christianity, and as an accurate reflection of the original Germanic, Teutonic, Aryan spirit.

From the SS, this approach spread to the Hitler Youth. Here the ceremony has become fully Nazified -- as witness the flags, the Hitler salutes, and the Swastika

By means of such celebrations, and constant activity, the enthusiasm of the young was constantly engaged to support Hitler and his party.

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