The High Style of Nazi Propaganda


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  • 1928
Death to the Real Enemy


National Socialist
German Workers Party
List 10

This poster also comes from the Fourth Reichstag Elections of 20 May 1928, and uses the same iconography as the preceding one. But Death to Lies was by Mjölnir, while this one is far less accomplished. Again it shows a muscular arm throttling a snake. And once again, the snake is identified as being: International and then above and below this word which applies to both, are the words: Marxism and High Finance.

Once again the poster is characterized by a single figure, with a minimum amount of text. The familiar figure of the rolled-up sleeves, denoting the "working class" nature of National Socialism, is illuminated by the Swastika in the rear. While effective, the poster is rather pale and the cluttered arrangement of the text at the bottom seems unnecessary.

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