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  • 1936


Communism destroys the family

I have been unable to find any German posters on the Spanish Civil War. But this and the folowing two posters show how closely the Spanish Nationalists followed the Nazi (and Fascist) examples.

The graphics on the poster are lifted directly from right-wing efforts in the early Weimar Republic to depict Communism as the great detroyer of women and children, and thus of the family structure.

It shows a faintly Asiatic-looking soldier dragging off a young girl, while a mother crys out and a dead child lies at his feet.

In the early days of the Nationalist uprising, Germany had played no role at all, but in response to an appeal from General Franco, Hitler put at his disposal a fleet of Junker airplanes. This decisive aide permitted Franco to fly over his faithful Morrocan troops to Spain. There, they provided the backbone of the Nationalist forces.


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