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  • 1933



Goebbels' idea to develop a "cult of the Führer" as a propaganda tool for the Reichstag elections of early 1933 culminated in this poster. It is graphically simple. Hitler's face superimposed upon a purely black background, and his name in large letters at the bottom.

Significantly, it was Hitler's personal favorite poster, and a copy of it hung in Eva Braun's bedroom at Bechtesgaden.

The poster is significant, however, not only because it is deceptively simple and most effective, but because it shows the role hich the cult of the Führer had already begun to play in Goebbels' propaganda.

Today, many historians consider Hitler to have been a tormented, indecisive man who was a poor administrator and who controlled neither his party nor the government. But in Nazi propaganda, he was always portrayed as THE LEADER, the one whose personality alone shaped the NSDAP party and now would create Germany's future.

This poster thus seems to have been one of the most effective in history, for it persuaded millions of contemporary Germans of Hitler's charisma and leadership potential, but it continues to shape the world's picture of Hitler, nearly 70 years later.



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