The High Style of Nazi Propaganda


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  • 1929

This poster shows clearer than most, how Goebbels could work anti-Semitism into almost everything. The poster was produced and distributed shortly before the 22 December 1929 vote on repealing the Young Plan, which had already been approved by the Reichstag. The caption on the top reads:

On 22 December
First vote Yes for the Plebescite

And Then do your Christmas Shoping!

Beneath this headline, the poster reprints a 1924 Goebbels' poster calling upon Germans not to buy their Christmas gifts from Jewish stores. This one, however, does not contain the sarcastic comments about Jews profitting from Christian Holidays. To see a translation of the full text of that poster, with an explanation, click on Christmas Boycott.

What is remarkable is that Hitler can simply unite the two, so that a vote in favor of repealing the Young Plan is the same as boycotting Jewish stores at Christmas time.

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