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The Accomplishments
of the Revolution

While Hitler was still in prison, the Völkischen Block participated in the elections of 1924. This was one of their best posters, and it stresses the central theme of all the völkisch propaganda: anti-Semitism. It shows a worker weighed down by a stereotypical Jew, who is carrying papers marked: Stock Market, Tax Dodges, Stock speculation, Currency Manipulation, and Bank Interest. At the bottom of the pile, sticking out on the side is The Versailles Treaty. The weight of these exploitations is forcing the worker to sweat under the burden.

The implications are that Germany by 1924 would have recovered from the economic post-war era, were it not for the Jews and their stock market and currency manipulations.

The caption at the bottom offers the message:

The Working Volk votes for the

Völkischen Block!

Greater German Volks Gemeinschaft:
Business Offices, Theatinerstraße 17

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