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  • 1935

Every Youth Hostel

is a Parental House.

Help Build them!


This is another poster urging Germans to help build and maintain Youth Hostels.

The illustration shows a handsome castle, set high in the mountains. Many of the hostels were located in these ancient castles, which required frequent and expensive repairs. Hence the necessity for these appeals.

But there is a second message contained here. By suggesting that these youth hostels were the equivalent of the parental homes, it staked a claim to the free-time of the youth of Germany.

By organizing boys and girls in constant youth activities, including many overnight hikes to castle hostels such as is pictured here, the Hitler Youth leaders believed they could undermine the often hostile or at least indifferent attitude of parents towards National Socialism.

Hitler was fond of saying that if the movement won over the youth, the future of Germany was guaranteed to rest with National Socialism.

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